POS Solutions

We can offer you complete and flexible POS services, from POS terminal selection to software development and integration.

  • 01 You can build on our experience and knowledge in POS management.
  • 02 Increase the mobility of your business with our mPOS solution.

You can build on our experience and knowledge in POS management.

Our POS solution experts can offer the most appropriate POS solution, whether supplied by a certified vendor or internally developed in-house according to your demands.

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Value added services


  • Growth

    Market expansion by enlarging your network

  • Efficiency

    Revenue growth stimulation

  • Security

    Resulting from the selection of PCI DSS and EMV compliant POS terminals

  • Reliability

    Resulting from our experience with POS development solutions


In addition to standard POS functions, such as:

  • purchase
  • purchase with tip
  • purchase reversal
  • cash advance
  • refund
  • preauthorization with completion
  • MO/TO

POS terminals processed by Mercury Processing Services International also enable:

  • installment payments
  • DCC or multicurrency acceptance
  • MultiTID processing

Our reliable 24/7 acquiring services allow you to service cards by all major payment schemes (American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Diners) along with third-party cards, including prepaid, loyalty and petrol services.

Value added services

In order to have a reliable POS network supporting an up-to-date acquiring business, a variety of services are necessary. All these services are offered to the clients who can exploit our international experience and extensive knowledge in POS management, providing multi-functional and flexible systems for merchant POS networks.

Our system provides support for:

  • Authorization, clearing, reconciliation and settlement services
  • Switching/routing of all the transactions.

All data is handled and archived in accordance with the strict security guidelines.

We can also provide a wide range of additional services, from POS SW Development, POS terminals installation/maintenance support and key generation/loading, TMS hosting/data entry to call center (merchant help desk), chargeback processing, multi-acquiring and merchant portal.


Increase the mobility of your business with our mPOS solution.

mPOS payment solution is a payment card acquiring solution based around the Ingenico mPOS hardware which merchants can run using their smart devices.

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  • Compact-sized

    Payment card acceptance solution built around the Ingenico mPOS device

  • Mobile

    Merchants can run it on the go and transport it easily

  • Android-based

    Android-based integration process instead of ECR protocol integration

  • Simple Internet connectivity

    The merchant application enables Internet connectivity for the mPOS device

  • Paperless

    The customer’s receipt is sent by e-mail or SMS

  • Language customization

    The mPOS solution offers merchants customizable language options


Accepts MasterCard, VISA and American Express

Fully functional payment card acceptance application with contact, contactless and magstripe modes of acceptance of MasterCard, VISA and American Express with China Union Pay/Union Pay Intl and Diners contact/contactless acceptance in the pipeline.


Bluetooth pairing

The Android merchant application is downloadable from Google Store, localized for particular acquirer. This application connects with the payment application via Bluetooth and automatically configures all contracted transaction types supported for a particular merchant by its designated acquirer.

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mPOS is a 100% mobile payment card acquiring solution, which focuses on a smart device application.

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