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Technobank 2015: The Future of Mobile Payments Is Now

At the regional event organized annually in Belgrade, the key buzzwords were: mobile payments, FinTech, Uber, digitalization, virtualization and tokenization.

Intesa Sanpaolo Card was present at this year’s Technobank 2015 Conference. Technobank Conference focuses on the technological side of the latest topics in the banking and payment industry. The event is organized yearly in Belgrade and it has become one of the most important regional events that gathers leading industry players in South-Eastern Europe (cards schemes, telecom operators, vendors) – as both exhibitors and presenters. This year the principal theme of the conference was: “The future of Mobile Payments is Now”. The most popular buzzwords used in the presentations were: FinTech, Uber, digitalization, virtualization and tokenization.

  • FinTech could be interpreted as a line of business based on using software to provide financial services (Wikipedia). According to the National Digital Research Centre (Ireland), FinTech companies are an innovation in the financial services, and the term is beginning to be used for broader applications of technology to front-end consumer products, to new entrants competing with existing players, and even to new paradigms such as Bitcoin. The main message of the leading presenters at the conference was that banks should consider how they will treat the appearance of FinTech companies on the market. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, if banks want to become a part of the FinTech market, they should consider the possible strategies: through start-ups, by participating in venture funds, through partnerships, through acquisitions, or by building them. The examples of such strategies are HSBC’s $200 million investment into startups and Barclaycard’s “Analog Analytics”.
  • Several presenters used Uber as an example of disruptive technology, showing how new technologies and business models can impact the existing way of doing business.
  • Digitalization, virtualization and tokenization were also used to describe the increasing number of payment services provided on connected devices (mobile phones, tablets…), which is gradually becoming a trend in the payment industry.

HCE closing this year’s conference

The closing of the conference took the form of a vivid round table discussion on the topic: “HCE – a new chance for Banks to join in the Mobile Payments space”. Our country manager for Serbia, Svetlana Blagojević,  gave a great overview of the recent HCE pilots launched by our issuing banks and powered by our company, which positioned our’s services and solutions on the highest level of innovative payment solution providers. The pilot that was launched by Banca Intesa in Serbia just few days before the conference gained wide marketing coverage. Combined with Svetlana’s speech, it lead to most questions from the audience being targeted at the potential future development of our HCE service in Serbia. Svetlana’s closing sentence excellently described our future activities in HCE: “We are continuing to work on the development of the service, this is just a start!”


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