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Bitcoin ATMs Popping Up Across America

Coinsource’s bitcoin ATM in New Orleans is an addition to its new machines in Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey, with the total number of Coinsource bitcoin ATMs on the East Coast rising to 15.

The Texas-based company’s latest additions bring its total number of machines to 35 across seven states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, and California.

Coinsource CEO, Sheffield Clark said: “Bitcoin was the best performing currency of 2015 and it’s only done better in 2016. With more use-cases for it every day, more and more people want to buy in. Bitcoin’s value increased by almost 20% last week alone to a 22-month high, and many experts are predicting even further growth in the future.”

CCN also reported on the announcement of Coinsource’s distribution of bitcoin ATMs to San Diego, San Francisco, and New York.


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