Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to act ethically and with sensitivity towards social, cultural, economic and environmental issues and have a positive impact by contributing to the communities in which we conduct our business.

Environmental Awareness

When creating our initiatives, policies and practices, the goal is to provide long-term values and benefits to all our stakeholders. We continue to meet our responsibility to the environment and society with our direct and indirect operational impacts.

Paper management

Paper production has an immense effect on the environment and recycling. It helps protect natural resources and saves energy. This is why we regularly collect all our used paper using a system of designated boxes provided exclusively for recycled paper by a paper-collection firm.

26 Jun 2019
Planet or plastic – banning single-use plastic from our Company


Supporting local and global causes is the first step to impacting social change. The engagement and effort of our employees has sprouted several initiatives in which we donated money, supplies and IT equipment to educational institutions, from Zagreb all the way to Africa.

28 Dec 2018
Bringing joy to those in need

Bike sharing

Cycling is a not only a great way to keep yourself healthy, it also has a very low environmental impact. Seeing that our employees had an interest in the bike lifestyle, we made company bikes available to all employees to use whenever they have to travel during working hours.

15 Feb 2017
Winter Bike-to-Work Day

Renewable energy

Renewable energy has huge environmental benefits and paves the road for a sustainable future. With switching to ZelEn, electric energy received solely from renewable sources, we are joining the fight against climate change and working towards environmental preservation.

20 Apr 2020
Mercury PSI goes one step further towards environmentally-friendly

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