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UnionPay International cards now accepted on all ATMs of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka Bosnia and Herzegovina

UnionPay International cards in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The representatives of UnionPay International (UPI) promoted business cooperation with Intesa Sanpaolo Banka Bosnia and Herzegovina and the acceptance of UPI cards on ATMs in Bosnia and Herzegovina with their first transaction at an ATM in Sarajevo, the capital.

The launch of the service aims to offer more convenient payment transactions for UPI cardholders visiting or working in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the next phase being the implementation on accepting the same cards on POS devices in stores throughout Bosnia and Herezgovina, according to the Bank’s official press release.

Yang Shengliang, Deputy General Manager of UnionPay International Europe, Source: Xinhuanet

According to the Bank’s press release Yang Shengliang, Deputy General Manager of UnionPay International Europe, said:

“To offer greater payment relief for UPI cardholders visiting Europe, UPI continues to enhance the region’s eligibility network. As of today, UPI cards are accepted in 90% of European countries with an overall acceptance rate of 65%. We believe that our partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina will strengthen the payment experience for our cardholders in the country.”

In the same press release Amir Termiz, a member of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Board of Directors added:

“By signing this agreement, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina has provided the conditions to be among the first banks in Bosnian and Herzegovinian market to accept UPI cards at its ATMs and soon in the merchants’ sales network. We are extremely proud to have become partners with a major Chinese brand, as Bosnia and Herzegovina is seeing a steady increase in tourists and business people from this far Asian country as well as from across the region. According to the information available, in the first eight months of this year alone, Bosnia and Herzegovina visited more than 65,000 Chinese nationals, which speaks about the possibilities and significant business potential when it comes to card transactions issued by this global company.”

Mercury Processing Services International support
In the technical side of this project, we supported our client Intesa Sanpaolo Banka Bosnia and Herzegovina by applying the new configuration on the Bank’s ATMs as well as providing case certification. This in turn enabled the UPI cardholders to withdraw cash from the Bank’s ATMs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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