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The Company Successfully Presented at the Job Fair 2011

This year we have participated for the first time at the annual students’ event, called Job fair. This event, in the organization of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), students’ association and KSET, gave us an opportunity to introduce our company to students’ population of technical universities in Croatia and present our core business, services and innovations.

Together with Hrvatski Telekom, Siemens, IN2, Hewlett Packard, Erste bank and other companies participating at the event, we were present at our stand located at the FER, and we had an official presentation intended for students’ population in order to give a short introduction about how we are and what are we doing. The representation team present at the stand on May 18th and 19th was composed of our employees coming from IT and Operations Division, Innovation and BDA Division, and HR Department.

At the official presentation, Alen Selimbegović, Head of IT and Operations Croatia together with Gojmir Nabergoj, Head of Research and Development Department, gave a short but impressive intro into our company’s core business. Comparing our business to the competitors’, connecting it to the current situation in the world, as well as presenting our innovations related to contactless cards and mobile payments, kept our audience attentive and interested till the last minute. As to the questions that we received during the presentation and at the stand and students’ interests to find out more about us, we are sure that this was a successful first presentation of our company and a first step in building its employer branding.

In the future we are planning some additional activities with local universities in order collect ideas, share knowledge and build synergies, and the next opportunity we are planning to exploit in order to achieve these goals, is participating at the Moje delo fair that will take place in November, 2011 in Ljubljana.

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