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Talking tokenization at the Edinburgh ETBC conference

The event season has picked up speed, and the next stop for Hrvoje Rončević, Application Architect Manager, and Krešimir Jurišić, Enterprise Architecture Manager, was Edinburgh, Scotland, where this year’s European Technical Boot Camp was  held (ETBC – formerly known as eBITUG and European NonStop Hotspot (GTUG)).

BITUG, a volunteer run, non-profit making organisation hosted this year the first annual European NonStop Boot Camp (ETBC) in Edinburgh between May 13-15. It included two full days of user, HPE and vendor presentations, Keynotes and networking.

The presentations started on the second day with a somewhat heartfelt topic. The Keynote speaker, Mr. Justin Wren, a very successful ex-MMA fighter who ended up in The Congo, talked about Pygmy people and his fight for their rights.

Our Hrvoje and Krešimir came on May 15th, and held a presentation on Securing Complex Systems Using Centralized Tokenization Service. The talk focused on the implementation of centralized tokenization service in heterogeneous IT environment consisting of various 3rd party systems and in-house developed systems on various development platforms (Java, .Net). Direct driver for implementation was GDPR compliance, but benefits of universal tokens improves security and makes data interchange easier.

Our presentation, which took the last slot on the final day, had also drawn many attendees, Hrvoje said. It was well received and created a healthy discussion regarding tokenization security and GDPR that continued later on in the pub.

This is what Hrvoje said about his impressions of the whole conference:

I was surprised that on the conference number of lecturers and vendors was almost equal to number of visitors. Many of them were regulars for many years, which gave conference a family feel. Among lectures, I would highlight two that were interesting for me. One was HTTP client, which exposes HP non-stop systems via soap, or rest HTTP calls with integrated roll based security and authentication. The other covered the topic of usage of IBM MQ on non-stop platform.


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