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In November, we had participated in two world renowned conferences organized by Gartner and Whitehall media. Danijel Božić, Head of Service Management Department in Croatia, presented on the topic of cultural transformation in companies while Hrvoje Rončević, Application Architect, and Krešimir Jurišić, Enterprise Architecture Manager, presented the centralized tokenization service our company uses.

From IT crowd to business enablers

On 27th November, Danijel Božić held a presentation on the Gartner’s conference called IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2018 in London, UK. The whole conference focused on the issue of the adoption of fast-moving technologies and methodologies and their impact on companies and especially company culture.

Danijel particularly focused on the changing role of IT teams within companies in his presentation named named Cultural Transformation In I&O: From IT Crowd to Business Enablers. Additionally, he explained the history of the alignment between IT team and business teams and how they virtually merged into one role. In order to show how the problem can be addressed, Danijel gave the example of Mercury Processing Services International and our constant work on a more efficient and quality dialogue between teams.

“Gartner conferences are a source of knowledge of such magnitude, so it is an overwhelming experience: like drinking water from a fire hydrant. I am very happy because I had an opportunity to contribute to this knowledge exchange and to get insights into the IT industry trends. This is especially important during our company’s transformation journey to a more modern organization.”

Danijel Božić, Head of Service Management Department, Mercury Processing Services International

 Security measures implemented

28th November was the date when Hrvoje Rončević and Krešimir Jurišić held a presentation called Securing Complex Systems Using Centralized Tokenization Service on the conference Enterprise Security & Risk Management 2018 in London, UK. The main focus of the conference was on the shifting trends in security and the increase in evolving threats as well as the solutions that can address those problems.

They contributed to the topic by presenting the centralized tokenization service we use by comforte AG and its integration in the existing system with the goal to address the security issues. The solution was chosen because it provides central tokenization system across the enterprise by protecting sensitive data at the earliest possible point and de-protecting them only when absolutely necessary. They also highlighted the importance of implementation in stages to provide maximum increase in compliance and security in development cycles increases probability of project success.

“This was a great conference with lot of discussions about evolving threats to data confidentiality and integrity, and challenges in cyber security. Lot of interesting and innovative solutions were being presented how to reduce risk by rapidly detecting and responding to damaging cyberthreats using sophisticated methods like machine learning and AI which “traditional” methods would miss.”

Krešimir Jurišić, Enterprise Architecture Manager, Mercury Processing Services International



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