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Resuming the mission of reaching students

From the first event FERSec, which gathered the students enthusiastic about information security, in this first half of the year we have attended one more on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing – JobFair.

JobFair is said to be the biggest student event in Croatia where students seek their potential future employer or maybe a student internship. This is proved by the fact that only this year more than 4000 students came in the two days the job fair was held – 15th and 16th May.

With 115 companies exhibiting at the event, students had plenty of choices. However, even though the jobs and internship offers were focused on the students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and related STEM faculties, some had a slightly different offer for the students of humanities and social sciences. Students also had the opportunity to visit 9 practical workshops where they discussed technology and product development.

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In order to increase the chances of getting jobs or internships, students could upload their resumes on JobFair’s website which in turn gave them a unique QR code. The code served as a business card that the exhibiting companies would scan and then find those resumes in the event’s database.

For us, the event was extremely exciting because of the great number of students to whom we were eager to talk. They seemed eager too seeing our astronauts and hearing about us bringing Google Pay to Croatia. There were hundreds of them circulating through our booth which resulted in long and engaging talks as well as handing out all of the student internship brochures.

Marta Tinodi, our System Specialist, was also present during the second day and this is what she took away from the event:

I was amazed with the scope of this year’s JobFair and overall organization. It has really become a notable event with over 90 top edge companies, and it was great to see ours as one of them. Even though most students weren’t completely familiar, we did manage to engage them into a conversation and got them interested in the work we do.

She also said that they’ve mostly shown interest in software development and IT security, but also data analysis and IT infrastructure. It was fun meeting all those young future engineers and hearing how they perceive technology and what their ambitions are. Some showed great potential and Marta said she would be happy to see them as our colleagues one day.

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