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New InPayments issue examines payment regulation climate

With GDPR and PSD2 marking not only 2018 but also the year ahead of us and probably more, we aimed to provide a comprehensive look at the various aspects of EU regulations and made this our feature theme in the 12th issue of the InPayments magazine. This involved a deep dive into PSD2 and a look into GDPR’s impact year later after its implementation.

We also covered the issue of Brexit and the effect it may eventually have on EU payments and regulation.  And with cryptocurrencies on the rise in this brave new payments world, we wondered: how are they being regulated and will there be a push for new regulations or a concentrated attempt to place them under existing ones?

There is also the issue of big fintechs gaining e-money licences and even obtaining authorizations for payment processing in certain countries. How might it affect payments industry? We have considered a few possibilities.

Look into our payment solutions and other great achievements, in the company news. We make payments a seamless experience with a customizable mobile wallet and a mobile point of sales system. We also make our data more secure while upgrading and evolving our data centers to Tier 3 facility. Our Head of IT Operations, David Llewelyn, and our Head of IT Infrastructure, Saša Ilić, take you through all the details of this enormous project in the video interview.

When it comes to the emerging innovative technologies planned to reshape the industry, we also got you covered. Everything you need to know about quantum computing in payments, the evolution of the ATM into a somewhat more superior format and more, you can find in the industry news.

There is no doubt the future holds changes and we are glad to be able to do our small part in starting the conversation with each InPayments issue. We are sure you will enjoy reading all of this and more in our new issue, so take your hot beverage of choice and read on: 


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