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Mercury PSI goes one step further towards environmentally-friendly

Every industry and company takes toll on the environment. Payments do too, even though they may seem invisible. Whether it be cash or digital payments, payment industry also has impact on environment.

Cashless payment solutions use data centers and communication networks to operate, and these industries are particularly polluting due to the energy they consume to function.

Nevertheless, it is up to companies to decrease their carbon footprint and do whatever it is in their power to start going towards eco-friendlier business. Going green does not just save the green but also attracts consumers. In the latest Nielsen report, 66% of consumers said they would rather commit to an eco-friendly brand.

However, there is not much time to dwell on this because initiatives must be undertaken as soon as possible.

To that end, Mercury PSI has for a long time implemented many measures for reducing the environmental impact. From using majority of recycled paper, recycled cartridges, banning single-use plastic long before the EU-wide ban, to using energy from renewable recources.

Our company is very dedicated to use energy from renewable resources for 4 years now. We have received the ZelEn certificate once again which proves the electric energy used in 2019 comes from 100% renewable resources.

ZelEn certificate for 2019

With this we hope to incentivize other business too to use renewable energy, as well as to implement other measures to their operations to decrease the environmental impact so we can all together build a more sustainable future.


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