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Leading in Tech Meetup with David Llewelyn, our Head of IT Operations

What is Leading in Tech?

Leading in Tech was created as an online group aiming at sharing knowledge and discussing the topics related to leadership in the IT industry. The organizers have taken the experience offline by hosting meetups on the topic of leading in tech and bringing well-experienced guests who can talk about their side of the story and potentially inspire and give advice to others.

In what was the 10th Leading in Tech meetup, our Head of IT Operations David Llewelyn was invited to talk about his experience in working in IT and his career as a leader. The turnout was more than expected as we continued through the meetup in a room with only a few chairs left unseated.

The interview

The first hour of the meetup was used for a quality Q&A session between the organizers and David. In a short period of time, they touched upon distinct topics – some being less and some quite complex.

Before giving a summary of his 30-year-long professional experience in 22 different organizations, David reminisced on his first college years in the field of sport science that eventually led him to finance industry and then payment processing industry. What the session focused on was David’s advice on managing change, together with people who are part of the change, driving the change from the leadership role, his view on company culture, and obstacles he faced and keeps facing in such a professionally dynamic industry.

As people went from laughing to being completely immersed into the interesting and funny stories from David about his personal and professional life, the participants wanted in on more and asked him for advice regarding specific situations they are facing such as managing people during change and relationship between leaders and their teams.

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The participants also asked some personal questions the most frequent being David’s life in Croatia as compared to England and Wales. He said he was motivated to come and stay in Croatia by two things, the first one was the beautiful weather, David said jokingly, and the other one is the potential, capability, and the quality of the people in Croatia that sometimes they are not aware of.

Roundtables & discussions

The last 45 minutes were reserved for roundtables. This was designed as discussions in the groups of 6 to 8 people on a specific topic. This time the topic was Change management. People conversed on the topic in their groups, giving their own experiences and real-life situations which led to some very useful conclusions each group presented to other participants.

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