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FERsec Challenge 2019

Third year in a row, the student association EESTEC LC Zagreb have organized free workshops with the aim of providing students with the opportunity to learn more about information security from experts working in the field.

The workshops have been held from 5th to 14th April at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb. The first, theoretical part of the workshops consisted of presentations by professors and outside experts in the fields of computer forensics, The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, reverse engineering, exploit writing, static unpackers, threat hunting, Cyber Security Capture The Flag.

The second, practical part was a 24-hour-long Hackathon where teams of students had to defend their servers and attacks others’, honing both their hacking and security abilities.

Mercury Processing Services International participated in the event on multiple levels as we are continuing our mission to support young, motivated and ambitious IT talents across the academic community who wish to extend their knowledge and skills outside their standard faculty curriculum. That is why we were proud to be this year’s Platinum sponsor of the event.

As a part of our participation in the theoretical part, Nikolina Maras, our Information Security Expert, familiarized the young audience with security requirements behind PCI DSS compliance, a regulatory backbone of all our business operations, after Željka Antol, our Product Expert, provided a concise overview of our IT business.

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Despite late Friday afternoon, the hall was full of curious youngsters eager to grasp the essence of security practices within the payment industry.

Not only we provided the lecture, but also two decommissioned servers intended as a platform for the Hackathon.

We are looking towards participating in the upcoming student events and providing them with possible future careers as we come with the message “Study fast and prosper in an interplanetary company”.

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