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Our customizable mobile wallet for a seamless payment experience

Mobile wallets are the future of payments. Already in 2017 research has shown that 77% of Europeans use their phones to bank and make everyday payments (VISA). Now as a step further, mobile wallets are estimated to reach nearly $14 trillion in transaction value by 2022.

Mercury Processing Services International offers a mobile wallet solution which provides many benefits both for clients and their end-users.

Unlike many other solutions, it can be customized to meet the specific wallet architecture for each clients’ needs and wishes. It ensures the highest level of security and service reliability while enhancing end-user flexibility.

In addition, the end-users benefit from a wide range of value-added features. Our mobile wallet solution is truly simple and convenient to use with just a tap away from finalizing payments either on smartphones or compatible smartwatches. It meets the highest security standards and includes strong authentication with biometrics.

Convenience highlight is the unique cardless cash feature where end-users can withdraw money from ATMs using just a smartphone instead of a card. Moreover, the service additionally enables nation-wide money send functionality as complementing feature that boosts user experience and enhances usage convenience.

End-users also gain value from taking control of payments by having available transaction overviews, usage limit, and balance inquiry. For further convenience, the wallet supports digitalization of barcode loyalty cards and is enabled to generate virtual e-commerce cards designed exclusively for online shopping.

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