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Customer Satisfaction University Award 2014: Winners

The 3rd successful Customer Satisfaction University Award student competition is behind us. Looking back, we are more than proud to say that this year’s project was one step forward in every aspect.

Idea presentation

The Idea Presentation day was held in October, and the best testimony of how fruitful was the relationship between mentors and participants are six brilliant projects that were presented:

  • “International trade”, by Zrinka Mihaljević & Tomislav Sudmak, mentor: Ivan Ketović
  • “All & More Club” by Daniela Kidjemet & Rene Martinko, mentor: Larisa Špiljak
  • “Gamification Loyalty App” by Dubravko Blaće & Leopold Tikvić, mentor: Sanja Brać
  • “Student loyalty” by  Mateo Škeva & Tomislav Frančić, mentor: Hana Dobre
  • “QR code” by Mateja Baotić & Tena Maruševec, mentor: Bara Mužinić
  • “Corporate Social Responsibility” by Kristina Mokrović & Ivan Marković, mentor: Suzana Markotić
Renata Devčić and Sanja Brać with Customer Satisfaction University Award 2014 competitors

Idea elaboration

Great presentations and innovative ideas put a difficult task in front of judging commission in selecting the winners, but finally they decided that the best was “Gamification Loyalty App” done by Dubravko Blaće from VERN and Leopold Tikvić from EFZG. They were also our representatives in Milan on the international challenge in the project’s finals.

Awarding ceremony & International competition in Milan

The announcement of the winners for both, local and international competition was held in Zagreb, in November. Dubravko Blaće and Leopold Tikvić with their idea and presentation “Gamification Loyalty App” impressed first the domestic jury, and afterwards the international one, so they won 2 awards!

Award from Milan is even more special as they are first Croatians ever to win in this competition! Congratulations!

Winners of Customer Satisfaction University Award 2014: Leopold Tikvić (left) and Dubravko Blaće (right)

Also, we congratulate all participants and their mentors for providing innovative, creative and practical solutions, showing us that young and enthusiastic people can be the wheel of company’s future.

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