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Customer Satisfaction University Award 2012: Winners

As a result of the last year’s successful Customer Satisfaction University Award, this year we have extended our network of cooperation with Croatian universities, which now counts 6 cities and 12 faculties comparing to 2 cities and 5 faculties in the last year. The project was announced in April and only a month afterwards, dozens of students’ applications arrived to our inbox.

Traditionally, the project is structured in two categories – Innovation and Implementation. Both categories were directed to focus on developing ideas inside specific area of card industry. According to proposed topics, teams were assigned with mentors, all experts inside given areas, which ensured successful cooperation and good basis for development of students’ projects. The best testimony of how fruitful was relationship between mentors Goranka Jarić, Andrea Solar, Aleksandar Naumovski and participants are six brilliant projects that were presented on the Idea Presentation day:

Innovation category: Loyalty + App, Smart Shop and SHOP & Save – saving for shoppingholics
Implementation category: 3rd generation POS devices, SNF Card and Smart & Small POS

Great presentations and innovative ideas put a difficult task in front of judging commission in selecting the winners of each category, but finally they had to decide that the best were Mobile application – Loyalty + by Hrvoje Vugrinec (FER) and Vedrana Bogdan (ZŠEM) from the Innovation and Smart&small POS by Lovro Vrkljan (EFZG) and Ante Prka (EFST) in Implementation category. They will be our company’s representatives in Milan on the international challenge in the project’s finals. We congratulate all participants and their mentors for providing innovative, creative and practical solutions, showing us that young and enthusiastic people can be the wheel of company’s future.

Hrvoje Vugrinec from Innovation team received the award both for him and his team colleague Vedrana (left), Ante Prka and Lovro Vrkljan from Implementation team were rewarded for the project Small and Smart POS (right)

Student testimonials

“Big thanks go to CSUA team for beautiful experience, time spent together and workshop which they gave us. Without you, nothing of these would be possible!”

“One of the many useful things I’ve learnt by doing the project was how to summarize a few weeks of work on creative concept into 10 minutes long presentation, interesting to everyone.”

“During all the time the atmosphere on every meeting was really positive which I liked very much and I hope that we won’t lose contact after the contest finishes.”

“One big THANKS to everyone for beautiful experience, time spent together and workshop they gave us, especially to the girls’ team (Renata, Sanja and Nikolina). Without them this project would be spiritless.”

“This wasn’t the type of competition in which you take part just to do it. CSUA makes everyone give 110% of his possibilities and I like that. But there are no animosities, everything is done correctly.”

“During my studies I was doing tons of projects and I’ve competed on a few students’ competitions. Without any exaggeration I can say that CSUA was the best organized competition ever. For me, it was one beautiful experience.”

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