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Customer Satisfaction University Award 2011: Call for Best Student Ideas

Students of five Croatian faculties are eligible to apply until September 23 for Customer Satisfaction University Award, the annual contest in creating projects in the business area of customer service, organized by our company.

Eligible students belong to Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Applied Sciences, Libertas Business College, Zagreb School of Economics and Management (Zagreb) and Faculty of Organization and Informatics (Varaždin). After the application selection the 12 top-ranking students will attend a workshop and, in two-member teams and under supervision of a tutor, will create the project task on one of the topics from innovation and implementation categories.

Member of the winning team of each of the category will be offered a paid internship in our company and a financial award. Leaders of the winning teams will represent Croatia, along with the winners of other foreign banks of Intesa Sanpaolo Group (from Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Slovenia and Egypt) in Milan. Winners of the final round of contest can choose between two awards: a 6-month internship in Intesa Sanpaolo, Milan or a summer school on one of Italian universities or business schools.

The goal of this contest is not only to recognize the most valuable students, but also to test their potential under real business conditions, where they’re going to work soon. Students will benefit from tasting the atmospere and the privileges of working in a stimulating international environment.

Zdenek Houser, CEO

What did some of our associate faculties say about this project?

“The Faculty of Organization and Informatics of the University of Zagreb supports projects that enable students to apply the knowledge and skills acquired at university/school in solving real problems in a professional environment – the economic or public sector. Competitions are an additional incentive for students to be creative, innovative and enterprising. These are the very characteristics that will affect their future career and employablity after they graduate. During the competition students learn from each other, they share knowledge and skills and learn to appreciate the values of team work. It is for this reason that we support ISPC’s project and we hope this competition to succeed and to become an important meeting point for excellent students who know how to solve challenges in the field of customer satisfaction.” FOI

“Focusing on existing and potential customers certainly is today’s “must” for the operation of a market-oriented organisation. In other words, the demands and satisfaction of users are a priority in the philosophy and overall conception of every organisation, be it a profit or non-profit one. Therefore, every effort in the field of developing the management of customer or user satisfaction is worth praising and unquestionable supporting. I believe that this project of the “Customer Satisfaction University Award” will encourage students to reflect more deeply on the subject and to come up with applicable innovative solutions, which will then generate multiple benefits for all project participants. Good luck along the way!” Vern

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

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