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Another Successful Fraud and Chargeback Workshop for Activa Banks Held in Koper

The 3rd Fraud and Chargeback Workshop for Activa Banks took place in Koper at the beginning of October. The participants had the opportunity to hear from our Fraud and Chargeback teams, as well as from the representative of the Police from Ministry of the Interior, Mr. David Gracer.

The 3rd annual Fraud and Chargeback Workshop for Activa Banks gave an overview of the fraud and chargeback facts and figures for Activa Banks in Slovenia in the past year. The workshop started with greetings and introductory addresses by Doris Žigon, Head of Dispute Operations Department, and Grozdana Marić, Head of Decision Science and Fraud Management. They were followed by Ilenia Čermelj, Dispute Operations Team Leader, who gave  a presentation on fraud related chargebacks, and Robert Poljak, Fraud Analyst, who talked about issuing and acquiring fraud for Activa Banks.

Afterwards, Vanesa Filipčič, Fraud Operations Team Leader, talked about preventive measures against card fraud. She explained, the new functionality called OnLine Plus, implemented at Activa banks at the end of 2015 which was very successful in preventing potential fraudulent transactions and activities. Sara Novakovič, a Chargeback Specialist, and  Nataša Tratnik, a Chargeback Associate, dedicated their presentation to cardholder complaints and chargeback statistics. They also gave an overview of most common chargebacks for each card scheme and related statistics regarding cardholders as well as merchants.

David Gracer, the Police representative from the Ministry of the Interior, came back again this year to hold a very interesting presentation about criminal offenses in card fraud. They include payment card fraud perpetrated both online and at point-of-sale, skimming, ATM attacks and finally construction, acquisition or disposal of devices for counterfeiting. He showed that in 2015 there were 21 ATM skimming cases perpetrated in Ljubljana, Maribor, Nova Gorica and Koper, while there were 67 cash-trapping cases perpetrated in Ljubljana, Koper, Kranj, Murska sobota, Nova Gorica and Novo mesto. He also showed how different ATM attacks work and how they are done, and finally what happens to stolen information, also explaining the protocol for police involvement in card fraud criminal offenses. The day was concluded with a two group workshops dedicated to chargeback and card fraud.

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