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8th Fraud Forum

On Thursday, September 27th, 2018 the 8th Fraud Forum was held in the Esplanade hotel in Zagreb. This year’s event gathered 102 experts in fraud prevention, financing, banking and UX design from 10 countries for an exciting day of discussions on the current state in fraud prevention and detection, as well as emerging trends and future enhancements.

The Forum was kicked off by an excellent overview of the payments industry by Jelena Kolega. Via an engaging BBC documentary short,  Ms. Kolega highlighted how much, and how little!, has changed in the last 50 years when it comes to card payments.

“Once again, Fraud forum managed to exceed my expectations. Presentations showed how fraud related topics are an inexhaustible source of information and inspiration for engineers; how they can develop excellent functionalities which will help when fighting against fraud & fraudsters.
I believe that we managed to tackle all challenges related to fraud and that when discussing about regulatory standards we all have our thoughts, hopes and wishes which might be little bit different from person to person, but at the end we can agree on common conclusion.
And last but not the least, event organization done by MPSI Marketing team was on high professional level which made all that so unique.” said Ms. Kolega, MPSI Head of Product Development.

The famous Zagreb Faculty of Engineering and Computing, whose alumni are, among other things, the minds behind paying parking via sms, also took part in Fraud Forum, providing insight into the scope of machine learning implementation in payment card fraud detection. Nataša Benčić, MPSI Senior Product Expert, presented the use of machine learning as an enhancement for scoring models.

One of the most anticipated presentations of the day, due to the recent British Airways breach, was the one by Anja Schrön from Germania, detailing airline fraud. Risk and collaboration on the European level was the focus of a very interesting presentation of Piet Lakeman, Senior Policy Lead, Ecosystem Risk from VISA Europe while MPSI’s Marko Marijanović, Compliance Expert tackled PSD 2 and the ocean of requirements it brings. Cognosec’s Branimir Pačar spoke about data breaches and PCI DSS role in preventing them.

“It was a really great event with lot of interesting presentations and great presenters that were covering wide range topics in card business. Huge benefit was the opportunity to discuss current state with experts from the industry. Definitely would recommend it.”

Branimir Pacar, Head Of Professional Services at Cognosec

The topic of account data compromise events and services was presented by Luka Grabovšek from Mastercard briefly, concisely and in an engaging manner. Sanja Zeljković, Product Manager/Anti Fraud and AML systems consultant from Infigo argued both for and against using a single platform for fraud and AML management in her detailed presentation.

Degordian’s Digital Designer Mario Šimić brought a unique perspective on UX design and its relevance for the financial sector, citing real use case scenarios.  The popular topic of Mobile Wallet – Gpay and its innovative service was presented by Andreja Josipović, MPSI Senior Product Expert.

The Fraud Forum was concluded with a lively panel discussion on which 7 fraud experts from PBZ, VUB, Concardis and MPSI shared valuable insight and opinions on 3DS 2.0 from the fraud perspective.

To see how it was and to find more information of each presentation, please visit our event web page:



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