We believe only knowledge and an inventive outlook can create leading-edge solutions.

Our foundation is strong expertise based on creativity and innovation with deep business and industry insights. And we work to further improve it every day.

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    We nourish a supporting work environment.

    • Work from home program
    • Flexible working hours
    • Carpooling
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    Care about the wellbeing of our team.

    • Intense sport programs
    • Regular health examinations
    • Organized get-togethers
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    Realize small things can make a big difference.

    • Company library
    • Charity actions
    • Friday morning pancakes

Day 31

Maša Gavran

Day 68

Maja Šarić

Day 103

Mia Orešković

Day 126

Lidija Kezić

Day 22

Mirela Novokmet Vrdoljak

Day 14

Božidar Mojzeš

Day 1

Ivan Kozić

Day 15

Stipe Svalina

Day 95

Ivan Emerik Barišić

Day 42

Krunoslav Kožić

It was the day when I was given my first solo assignment – writing the first article for our magazine InPayments. It was both exciting and scary knowing that my work will be published and read on a global level. I still feel the same excitement when working on the magazine just like on that day.

Soon upon my arrival I had the opportunity to present our ideas and results of working on improvement of fraud monitoring detection system on Woman in Data Science conference in Osijek. I am happy to got the opportunity to become member of successful MPSI team, to work with experienced people from whom I can learn a lot and I am looking forward to work on new and interesting projects.

Launching a new product was a unique opportunity for me to see how teamwork and collaboration of experts from various fields is achieving the common goal. Participating in such project was valuable to me and the authorization of the first transaction will last forever in my memory.

The team building on Krvavec with colleagues from Slovenia, was fantastic bonding experience. No language barriers, just positive energy.

Since the very beginning of my placement at MPSI, what impress me the most is dynamics and diversity of my work environment, with colleagues always ready to help.

Coming to a new working environment is always a little bit stressful and being "the new guy" is never easy. But the guys and girls in my team made me feel welcome and helped me to get the grip on all of my responsibilities right away. Now I feel like I've been working here for ages. Cheers to teamwork!

I loved my first day in the Company. Everyone was open, relaxed and ready to answer all my questions. I've learned much more than I anticipated, about automated tests in the whole payment industry.

It was during the Orientation day that I realised what level of availability is expected from our services. The amount of damage just one minute of service failure can cause to the entire company is fascinating.

I will always remember the day the first transaction was made in a new production environment. Despite complexity of the task what kept me going is the abundance of "can do" attitude and dedication of the people.

On my first business trip to Koper I was stunned by a beautiful sea view from the office. It's great to be able to work from different locations.

What to expect

We understand a new workplace is a big change, so here’s what your first few days would look like.


You'll receive corporate materials which you can read up on in our library.


On Orientation Day you'll get to meet all the great people you'll be working with.


Friday? Oh, you mean Friyay because you get to wake up and smell the pancakes.

How to join us

Applying is, of course, the first step of any selection process, and at Mercury Processing Services International, you can do it two ways.

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    Apply to an open job position

    Take a look at the currently open job position and apply to the one that best fits your experience, skills and interests.

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    Send a spontaneous application

    It will earn you a position in our database and most probably a preliminary interview to see if there's common ground to move forward.

The selection process

The process quickly adapts both to your needs and particularities of a specific job position, but still, there are a few steps you can expect.

Psychological test

It gets us acquainted with your personality and will be held in your native language.

Competency test

This test helps us get an idea of your expertise and will be held in English.


An opportunity to get to know with your future manager and exchange expectations.

Our people

Our team is truly international and diverse in mindset and approach.
Adaptive and flexible in learning from customers’ requirements.
Creative and agile in methodology and spirit.

Join our team

If there aren’t open positions you’re interested in, you can still send us your CV. We’ll keep you in mind when a new spot opens that fits your qualifications.

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