Cardholder and Card Management

We know how to fulfill all the business needs regarding cardholder and card management.

Our platforms provide various ways to maintain and manage different types of cardholder data.

All data is managed in accordance with the personal data protection regulations and security standards, which is a prerequisite in the modern everyday card business.

  • Benefits
  • Features


  • Efficacy

    Customer satisfaction enhancement

  • Facilitation

    Customer segmentation and fine-tuned targeting

  • Wide possibilities

    Providing up-selling and cross-selling opportunities

  • Security

    Reliable data protection

  • Growth

    Business expansion opportunities through cross-border issuing

  • Economical

    Cost savings


Our Personalization Bureau covers everything from data preparation, card body personalization, chip personalization through personalized card carrier and filling stuffers to safe distribution of cards and PINs and card renewal process set up according to partners’ specifications.

Secure data can be either generated in our facility or received from customers. The whole process of secure data printing is tracked with integrated software providing the highest security standards and taking care of your stock management.

The parameter-driven tools provide a comprehensive service of all billing calculation and preparation services for billing cardholders according to the partner’s accounting policies and preferences.

We enable the collection of diverse cardholder or cardholder applicants´ data, as well as search, review and change of the data in an easy and efficient way, in order to fulfil different customer care or other business needs such as:

  • Card application management
  • Card lifecycle management
  • Letter generation
  • Searching and segmenting customers
  • Managing cardholder correspondence
  • Cardholder credit history.


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