Call Center

We can assist you in finding an appropriate solution whether you manage your own call center or want to outsource customer calls.

Excellent way to increase customer service and to make sure no customer is left behind.

Our call center makes contact service a simple and pleasant experience for the customer and productive and efficient for the partner.

  • Benefits
  • Features


  • Availability

    24/7/365 full support in card related inquiries and requests

  • Alternative support

    Non-working hours coverage support - card blocking and voice authorization

  • On demand support

    Can be used for card blocking (lost/stolen)


Apart from our experience in operating call centers in local markets, our infrastructure supports physically remote call centers joined in a virtual pool capable of allocating incoming calls in the same language region.

We can provide these core services to our customers:

  • In-Call inquiries
  • E-mail inquires
  • Voice authorizations
  • Card checking and card blocking
  • Transaction blocking
  • Emergency Card Replacement
  • Emergency Cash Request.
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